Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, it has been since April 22, 2011 and I have just summoned the courage to ask Shelly from Sassy Smudges to create a tribute to our Maggie.  Maggie could try your patience to the last degree.  She took forever to house break, could not be separated from Hershey, our lab we had at the time. She could get herself so worked up when she could not find Hershey. She would run from window to window and door to door looking for Hershey, if she was unable to find her, oh start covering your ears because the howling would start.  She relied on Hershey for so much from cleaning her daily to  softening her rawhide bones for her. She was always up for a wrestle with Hershey in her younger years. Always a game to see who could jockey for the coveted underneath position.  She would then go and sleep for hours until the next match.  One of her biggest thrills was being able to get Hershey's collar off.  She would nudge and nudge until it was off and be quite proud of her accomplishment.  "Maggie Doo" lost her companion in May of 2010.  She would go upstairs and just lay in the crate that they shared for 12 of their years together. I could not bear to wash the bedding for fear she would lose the "Hershey scent".  We feared she would not last long without her Hershey.  We moved to a new home in October of 2011, she did not handle the move well at all.  Multiple times, I remember having a conversation with her regarding if she was done or not with life.  She would bounce back and have a little spunk back in her step.  April of 2011, she did not bounce back and signaled to us she had had enough of this life.  With a sad heart, we took her to the Vet.  Maggie's tribute will now hang proudly next to her companion,  Hershey,  on the wall in our home forever.  Maggie was a one of a kind who is missed but will always be remembered.

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