Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Tree

What do you get parents or in-laws that have every thing they need or want?  Good question, right?  Well you create something of sentimental value.  But what?  Hmm, sometimes it can be hard getting those creative juices flowing.  I spend lots of time on Pinterest, my new addiction right behind Words With Friends.  I can spend hours on end exploring the different boards.  I do find I spend the majority of my time on the craft boards though.  I have seen multiple fingerprint crafts and took my inspiration from this pin .

A Family Tree would be the plan.

I would need to purchase the following items:
- (2) 8x10 canvases (one for my parents, and one for my in-laws)
- brown paint
- (2) paint markers  (1) chisel tip and (1) fine point
- various color ink pads for the finger print leaves

My original plan was to find a picture of a tree that I liked on the Internet, print it out and then trace it on to the canvas.  However, I was in Hobby Lobby exploring and came across a Fiskar Woodland Tree template for $6.99.  Yes, kind of expensive, but it fit the idea I had in my mind perfectly for the tree.

The next task was to plot out the family and decide how many branches I would need and the # of limbs needed for each branch.  Once I determined that, I was able to trace the tree on to the canvas adding or subtracting limbs as needed.  That now being accomplished, it was time to fill in the tree with the brown paint.  I ended up using (2) coats of brown for full coverage of the tree.  Once the paint dried, it was time to use the chisel tip paint marker to trace the outline of the tree to make it "pop out" on the canvas. 

The next job was to decide the wording for the top.  What to write? I decided on "Our Family".  I have no idea the font of the template that I used because I have multiple sets with no font names written on them.  All I can say is, it was a script font, which was exactly what I was looking for.  I traced the letters on to the canvas, then went back over with the fine tip paint marker.

Now, that part is completed, I will now have to wait for the next family get together to get everyone to pick their desired ink color to use for their finger print leaf.  My plan is to have every one sign their name next to their print.  We will see how that turns out.  Will add photos latter, once they are completed.